SELENIUM Music Player 3.6.6
SELENIUM Music Player 3.6.6 [free]
Version 3.6.6
Requirement 6.0 or higher
Fast, intuitive, and powerful music player with DSP effects. Features a secondary unique interactive turntable with speed control, the ability to show album

artwork stored within music folders in JPG format, multiple search options, and much more!

Player featuring Superpowered engine for the best audio experience on Android.

If you find bugs or want new features, please contact me!

DSP controls and limiter for:

•  bass-mid-treble

•  11 bands equalizer with preamp and presets

•  spatializer

•  tempo

•  pinch

•  echo

•  reverb

•  flanger

✔  Portrait and landscape interface

✔  List music by artists, albums, titles, playlists and folders

✔  Browse audio files with a handy Folder Browser

✔  Order by artists, albums, titles and recently added

✔  Music search in titles, artists, albums

✔  Share single and multiple music files

✔  MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, M4A supported

✔  Graphical visualizer with wave or 11-241 bands

✔  Song information with turntable feature and reverse playback

✔  Auto download song covers from DiscoSG if there is not artwork image as an embedded TAG or picture folder

✔  Support playlists already stored on the device and with wrong songs file path (ie copied from PC)

✔  loop and shuffle songs without repeating those already played

✔  Sleep timer (clock and countdown) with volume fade out

✔  Play/pause effect with volume fading or decrease velocity effect

✔  TAGS edit for MP3, FLAC, WMA and OGG audio files

✔  External BlueTooth media controllers supported

✔  Headset button control:

• press to pause/resume

• double press to play next

• triple press to play previous
  • Music & Audio
  • 14.18 MB
  • 3.6.6
  • 6.0 or higher
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