Third Blade 1.1.4
Third Blade 1.1.4 [free]
Version 1.1.4
Requirement 2.2.x or higher
This game is free but to get more items, you can Fee a slight pay!

* The game supports English, French, German, Korean, and Chinese.

3 different types of blades - Dual in. blade, an edge and the sword in multi-lingual societies. It can be use to defeat different types of monsters in the game Use! Action game filled with endless war against the monsters that emotion and excitement you have at the highest level keeps!

* Features

1) Use 3 types of different weapons in the game against the monsters!

2) skills diverse with 3 types of combination improved the situation: each weapon features unique to the individual.

Situation 1 : attack of the ordinary

Situation 2 : quick attacks with any weapon

Situation 3 : attack of accelerated, reduced skill time!

3) other features that through the upgrade in the Android Market comes to hand.

- Buy guns more powerful

- Buy more and better skills.

4) other excitements!

5) other updates, exciting that will soon be offered.
  • Role Playing
  • 49.17 MB
  • 1.1.4
  • 2.2.x or higher
Old Versions
2015-04-24 Third Blade 1.1.4 (49.17 MB)
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