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Version 1.14.3
Requirement 4.1 or higher
***** Exactly what I was looking for!
***** I cannot put this game down.* Play without ads and start with 250 Prestige! *Grow your tiny village to a grand medieval city with a thriving economy and happy Townies! Harvest grain, collect taxes and trade at the marketplaces to keep your Townies well-fed. Build churches, taverns and beautify your empire with splendorous statues, magnificent monuments and lush parks. Watch adorable Townies scurry around the castle and through the ville on their daily routines.*** FEATURES ***
- City-building gameplay set in medieval times
- Research powerful permanent bonuses for all your towns
- Cute Townies and Townettes with their own daily routines
- Complex economy simulation and deep production chains
- Dozens of different town and production buildings
- Diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
- Rewarding quests guide you through the story
- Addictive sandbox gameplay mode with town level system
- Full tablet support
- Google Play games services*Optimized for big screen TV over MHL*❈❈❈ DEV NOTE ❈❈❈
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  • Casual
  • 96.15 MB
  • 1.14.3
  • 4.1 or higher