HI App Lock 3.0
HI App Lock 3.0 [free]
Version 3.0
Requirement 2.1.x or higher
HI AppLock is the BEST app lock and privacy protect tool, it can lock any app, such as SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Gallery, Gmail etc, protect your privacy with password, HI AppLock is more easy, powerful and reliable then other applock, and it has NO AD. Use cases:
With the protection of HI Applock, you may:
1. Prevent your sensitive/personal info from unwanted eyes
2. Prevent your kids from changing phone's settings, paying game, messing up it
3. Prevent your phone from being installed useless, even Monitor/Supervisory app
4. Never worry about a friend/workmate get your phone to have a look, play games again!
5. Never worry about privacy info in some app may be read by someone again!Features(NO Ad)
1. Lock any app: Such as SMS, Contact, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+ etc with password (pin lock or pattern lock), secure your privacy
2. Re lock policy: Every time, Until screen off, 1/3/5 minutes
3. Multi lock feature: Different lock may have different password (Only HI AppLock have multi lock feature on market)
4. Auto lock base on Time or WiFi (auto tasker) feature
5. Disguise feature: Disguise as a Calculator
6. Theme support: Theme password screen; iOS 7 theme,iOS 7 gold theme, iPhone 5s theme, dark theme ...
7. Widget for quick lock and unlock
8. Quick lock switcher on status bar
9. Can prevent app from being uninstall (Lock Settings, Google Play Store, Installer/Uninstaller)
10. Can lock incoming or outgoing calls
11. Lock screen : can lock entire screen
12. HI AppLock can be add to device admin, prevent from being uninstall
13. HI AppLock can auto restart when being killed by task killers, reliable to protect your privacy
14. Little memory footprint and power-saving
15. Fake Error Message
16. Random keyboard
17. Hide HI Applock icon from launcher
18. Lock phone plugin: Anti theft
19. Pic lock plugin: Lock and vault gallery picture photo or video safely and easily
20. Facebook lock plugin, WhatsApp lock plugin, Line lock plugin
All in one, best applock, can be an app locker, app protector, app safety to lock and hide app for privacy protector, privacy securityTips
1. Enable Notification to prevent Hi App lock from being killed by system or task manager
2. Enable "Add to device admin" to prevent HI Applock from being uninstalled.
3. More tips please refer to Hi App lock Setting - About - HelpFeedback
1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/applock
2. Email: [email protected] us
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  • 3.0
  • 2.1.x or higher
Old Versions
2015-01-20 HI App Lock 3.0 (1.64 MB)
2014-01-06 HI App Lock 2.92 (1.61 MB)
2013-09-29 HI App Lock 2.91 (1.72 MB)
2013-09-17 HI App Lock 2.9 (1.67 MB)
2013-09-09 HI App Lock 2.8 (1.61 MB)
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