TweenCraft - Create your cartoon video stories 1.38
TweenCraft - Create your cartoon video stories 1.38 [free]
Version 1.38
Requirement 5.0 or higher
Bring your imaginations to cartoon videos. Simply select characters make them move on your finger tips and speak their dialogues.

voila !!! your cartoon story is ready. You can share it on social media or within tweencraft community.

Key points of tweencraft

1. To create a cartoon video with tweencraft all you need is a story.

2. You can record your own dialogue, App automatically makes your voice cartoony.

3. many characters are provided within app you can select any of them.

4. You can choose any of the provided animations for the characters or create your own animation within app , and thats super easy.

5. Once you created your video you can share it on social media or within app with tweencraft community. Tweencraft is a vibrant community of creative people.

If you are good at making photo captions and memes, our video animation apps will let you make your photo captions come alive in a cartoon video meme that you can then

share on social media and have all your friends see how witty your captions really are.

This app does not require you to upload your own photos or videos. We have pre-loaded many fun characters that you can use within seconds of downloading the app - no

annoying uploading and editing of photos.

Unlike most animation apps, you don’t need to draw anything in this app. Our unique and proprietary software allows you to choose any pre-loaded characters that have been

drawn for you, and allow you to animate their movements and gestures by simply tapping and swiping your screen. These characters can also speak the text you put in comic

bubble, allowing you to create a fully automated video or a cartoon in just a minute or two.

Try this app today, make photo captions a thing of the past by turning them into super sharable and funny cartoon video memes that can go viral online.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can use some of the funny cartoon animation videos you create with this app and create funny videos for YouTube. On YouTube, your clever

photo captions that you turned into animated videos will live forever and be immortal.

If you like comics, now you can create your own comics that are a whole level better because these will be animated videos instead of simple picture comics. Don’t just

read comics made by others. Become a comic video creator and post it on YouTube to see how your funny memes compare to others.

Download our app now, and see if you can make the next funny video meme that everyone online shares around. Put your photo caption skills to the test!

If you are good at using emojis, this app will allow you to create your own, personalzied animated emoji that is much funnier than the basic default emojis on your phone.

Make your friends laugh out loud by sending them animated emojis and custom cartoon videos that you made especially for them. You will have more laughs with friends and

create inside jokes that will live on for years.

Create and share more funny videos!

What kind of topics can you cover with your videos? You can cover any topic from humor to politics to entertainment and celebrities.

For tech support, email: [email protected]
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  • 1.38
  • 5.0 or higher