World History Atlas 3.38
World History Atlas 3.38 [paid]
Version 3.38
Requirement 4.4 or higher
Chronological and geographical presentation of historical topics and events from the wikipedia, available for Android and IOS.

Travel through the fascinating history of mankind from the earliest civilizations to the present.

With this version you get thousands of events, which are displayed on a Worldmap and in a Timeline. You can switch between the Worldmap and the Timeline in context of an

event or text. The worldmap contains more then thousand states, empires and tribes.

An initial historical data transfer from the Internet of about 400MB is required. (SD card). After the data transfer no internet connection is needed for displaying and

reading the content.

The content will be continuously increased and will be updated through update packages.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF THERE ARE ANY TECHNICAL ISSUES OR YOU DON'T LIKE THE APP ! Simply email to [email protected] with your gmail-adress.

YOU NEED A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION ONLY AT FIRST START! If you have problems downloading the content with your device, we could provide an alternativ downloadlink for

downloading the content via pc and a easy installing instruction. -> [email protected]

If you have any questions, suggestions, missing topics or failure please contact us with the contactoption inside the app or under [email protected].
Old Versions
2022-07-19 World History Atlas 3.38 (10.52 MB)
2021-05-16 World History Atlas 3.26 (10.4 MB)
2017-10-15 World History Atlas 2.52 (6.49 MB)
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