Version 3.3.3
Requirement 5.0 or higher
♥ Very popular! The no. 1 cute calendar ♥
Has appeared many times in fashion magazines and in the media!
A calendar app used by 2 million people ★
Just stick the stamps on!
Manage your plans in a simple and fun way♪+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:
We have provided a selection of adorable stamps
for girls who are busy with lots of plans everyday*.+* For students with part-time jobs, society activities, seminars…
It keeps you on track in your school life!
For office workers with daytime shifts, early shifts, paid holidays, and tasks…
It can add a touch of color to any dull job!
For moms with nursery school, pre-school, pick-ups, and other events to remember…
You ca+D6n also use animal icons to make looking after your children part of a happy lifestyle!Stamps will be added continually. We look forward to receiving your requests."゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.
There are many other features too♪○ A comprehensive range of basic settings○
 Title and note functions for each stamp
 You can also write notes of up to 200 characters
 To use this app as a simple diary or notebook(≧ヮ≦) The password lock function makes it good for private matters
such as dieting records and menstrual cycle notes○Recording and copying is very simple○
 Even busy women who aren’t tech-savvy can record notes easily
 just by touching the screen
Your schedules recorded on the stamps can easily be copied and moved
within the calendar too!○Vertical scroll○
 If you have a smartphone, the vertical scrolling calendar
makes it easy to see, at a glance, plans made weeks in advance.
And you can lower the date to a position
where it is easy to place a stamp,
so even women with small hands can use this app easily."○A very useful alarm setting○
 If you have a lot of plans,
sometimes you tend to forget them…
There is also an alarm function that will help you remember.○Other settings○
 There are some helpful functions such as the ability to set start dates and holidays
There is a function to change the theme settings too,
so you can add your own style to your calendar!■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■We are adding more functions as we receive users’ opinions and requests!
Try it out – it’s free and doesn’t display ads.[Operator] Community Factory
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2018-12-15 PETATTO CALENDAR 3.3.3 (35.18 MB)
2017-07-13 PETATTO CALENDAR 3.0.3 (35.33 MB)
2016-12-11 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.2.0 (20.37 MB)
2016-10-19 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.9 (20.33 MB)
2016-06-29 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.7 (17.39 MB)
2016-06-09 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.6 (17.26 MB)
2016-04-29 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.5 (17.23 MB)
2016-04-26 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.4 (16.5 MB)
2016-02-15 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.1.1 (16.53 MB)
2015-12-02 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.0.5 (16.66 MB)
2015-11-29 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.0.4 (16.63 MB)
2015-11-25 PETATTO CALENDAR 2.0.3 (16.61 MB)
2015-07-11 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.9.5 (16.26 MB)
2015-05-06 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.9.4 (16.45 MB)
2015-03-25 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.9.2 (16.47 MB)
2015-02-28 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.9.0 (16.21 MB)
2015-02-15 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.8.9 (15.5 MB)
2015-02-07 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.8.8 (15.31 MB)
2015-01-20 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.8.7 (15.24 MB)
2014-12-07 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.8.6 (15.23 MB)
2014-06-28 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.7.1 (13.83 MB)
2014-02-26 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.4.9 (11.24 MB)
2014-01-05 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.4.3 (9.88 MB)
2013-07-29 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.3.0 (9.44 MB)
2013-07-22 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.2.9 (9.4 MB)
2013-07-17 PETATTO CALENDAR 1.2.8 (9.33 MB)
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